Matthias Revisited . . .

by bellasemplicita

Last month I made a post on my younger brother Matthias.

Well today eight years ago was a Wednesday.  That evening we were attending Awanas.  I was bringing my friend and we had our faces all painted – it was crazy face night.  We both cooed and awed over Matthias on the way there.  As I said my verses, my Mom brought my brother Jed to a younger children’s “nursery” room for leaders children – my Dad was in charge of the entire Sparks program.  She brought 20 day old Matthias with her.  A friend noticed a bubble of blood in his nose and they realized that he wasn’t breathing.  My Mom ran into the room where I was saying my verses to my Aunt Jill – she is a nurse – crying that “her baby” wasn’t breathing.  Everything was simply chaos then.  I tried running after but a kind person led me back.  They called the ambulance and for hours worked on him – first at the church and then at the hospital.  My aunt brought my brothers Elias, Jed, and me home where my grandfather watched over us.

He was pronounced dead at 10:00 PM.  They said that he had died of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

We all loved him and know that he is with God.

In the picture is Elias, Me, Jed, and Matthias in the center.