Singers and Fainting Couches

by bellasemplicita

This morning I just bought a beautiful old Singer sewing machine.  I really enjoy sewing and so I already have two machines – now I am up to three!  The first machine that I received was a lower model of the Bernina machine which we ended up trading in for the  Activa 220 Bernina.  I love it!  It works great and is the machine I usually take with me when I am going to sew.  The next is a Singer Featherweight.

It doesn’t have a box – I sold it with another featherweight – so it normally doesn’t leave the house.

After I bought this Singer this morning, I learned that the featherweight has its name for a reason.  Compared to this new edition, its weight is deserving of the name feather!  This one’s home is on my sewing desk and it will probably remain there unless of some dire necessity.  The woman whom I bought it from said that it was her Grandmother’s.  It works perfectly and has nearly all of the parts and feet.  Not a single one is rusty – they all look as if they have never been used!

Also it has the original box which is in perfect condition – no mildewy smell.  She and her family took excellent care of it.

On to the nest topic!  Last year I bought an old fainting couch/chaise-lounge.  I think it is from around 1890.

Yes, it is a rust colored velvet.  But it is a beautiful piece.  Here are some more pictures.

Well there is me, and I am a republican.

Anyway, the sad thing is that I sold it.  I did make some money of which part bought my newest Singer and I am enjoying the added space in my room!

Have a great labor day!