Welcome – Introducing My Blog!

by bellasemplicita

My name is Sadie McCloud; I am a fourteen year old Sophomore in high school, educating myself at home.  I enjoy Greek, Math, Science, History, Reading, the outdoors, Photography, Music, Antiques, and being with my family.  My brothers names and ages: Elias 12, Jed 9, Matthias (deceased), Bowen 6, Judah 4, and Titus 10m.  We also have a dog named Sugar.  I live in an old bungalow filled with a constant cycle of antiques.

This sight and blog – bellasemplicita: beautiful simplicity –  I have dedicated to a search for beauty and simplicity,which are, both difficult and easy to find.  Difficulty only arises when one does not know where to look.  God has created so much beauty that it is easy to look to far from where we live our everyday lives.  I want to try and recover some of that lost love for the simple beauties in everything we do.  This blog is a documentation of my everyday life and that search.